Pearl West Group’s Chairman On His Business Journey

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Each individual may have a different entrepreneurship journey. Some people learn the art of entrepreneurship, but others possess a natural skill for starting and running a business enterprise. As for the Pearl West Group’s President and Chairman, Jason Kwan, that he accidentally got involved in entrepreneurship may appear to be scarcely believable. Kwan spent his growing up years in a conventional Chinese family. Recently, he recollected his upbringing as well as in what way he began the journey.


A Small Amount Of Entrepreneurial Exposure


In his growing up years, Kwan did not have much entrepreneurial exposure. Kwan’s family was not all that into entrepreneurship except for the fact that his uncle was a Chinese restaurant’s owner. Kwan did not have any mentors to encourage him to do business.


As with almost every Asian household, Kwan’s family gave special importance to success through conventional jobs like an engineer/doctor. Kwan’s mother had faith in the conventional way of becoming successful, i.e., through fine grades and a doctor/engineer’s employment position. All Asian parents dream of their children becoming that.


Despite that, Kwan terms his foray into entrepreneurship a fortunate one. He read books regarding financial liberty and entrepreneurship. He chose not to attend university so that he could go down this road. Any person who knows a thing or two about an Asian family’s values should know that Kwan’s family would not have easily accepted his choice. Anyhow, Kwan’s mother started to approve and support his decision after her initial disappointment because she believed in him.


The Start Of His First-Ever Business


Kwan would eventually start a technology business for the first time at the age of 17 years. He was involved in many online marketing courses as well as learning the way of using Google AdWords. Then, he formed an agency that would offer digital advertising services. Back then, several big corporations were overlooking web-based advertising platforms, and not many agencies focused on online channels.


That marketing agency suited Jason Kwan, so it turned out to be a steady source of income for him. He attributes his income to the Google AdWords campaign when he was in London city for his cousin’s wedding. He told his uncle about it, but the old man found it unbelievable. The uncle was under the impression that you could not make money without physical work.


Successful In Spite Of The Odds


Kwan persisted with his dream at all times and turned his advertising agency into a successful business enterprise. Eventually, he started to generate potential customers and revenue from sales for dating, beauty, and health industries with a broader customer reach. He grew the agency at a CAGR of 160% for 8 years. He was excellent at understanding business data. Kwan finds digital marketing to be data-driven to a greater extent as compared to most conventional marketing types.


After finding his way as a digital marketing entrepreneur, Kwan started the Pearl West Group with his team. This is the new business venture that Kwan owns and runs at present. It has the responsibility to acquire and build Amazon brands. Kwan’s target is to make it to be a successful digital-native business enterprise.