Lost Boy Entertainment’s And Oeuvre Media’s Partnership Announced

Lost Boy entertainment co

The news of these two digital marketing and media firms’ partnership has been made public. Christian Anderson owns Lost Boy Entertainment, whereas Brad Dervishaj is the owner of Oeuvre Media. Besides being influential businesspeople in their fields, those two have been friends for a long time. Anderson is a decorated rap and hip hop musician, an avid investor, and entrepreneur. On the other hand, Dervishaj can direct music and commercial space videos with a sufficient skill level. Reggie Mills, Target Inc., Kool-Aid, Fetty Wap, and Hefna380 are among the impressive clientele of the two.


While Anderson is more popular as Trust’N on stage, Dervishaj is more well-known as Nilladriz. Their combined age is just 43, which once again shows that some youngsters are doing very well in the broader entertainment industry.


As Lost Boy Entertainment’s founder, Anderson has made his organization better than ever before, with partnerships with a few high-profile industry players that include Target Inc. The news of the latest partnership, with many different features, is unsurprising because of the relationship between the two in the industry.


Anderson owns a staple firm in the PR and marketing space, with thousands of clients as well as annual revenue of more than seven figures. Anderson and Bryce Sanden founded the company together in the early parts of the previous year. Sanden is also the vice president of this company. It has been making some notable progress ever since its launch barely over a year before.


On the other hand, Oeuvre Media works with clientele across industries such as music, technology, food, and apparel. Oeuvre Media provides those clients with ways of growing their brand’s web presence. It is a content-driven digital agency that specializes in creating commercial content and distributing it across every online medium.


The services of the companies will now be closely connected. Anderson’s firm will keep doing its fair share of digital marketing work. On the other hand, the digital content skill of Oeuvre Media will combine the wide variety of services of these two companies. They seem to have a bright future. Youngsters may be at the helm of both companies, but each has produced some notable numbers as well as is seeking to expand even more.


The partnership is only one of Lost Boy Entertainment’s many changes in the recent past. The agency found in Wisconsin’s Madison city now partly operates among the general public in LA, California. It has also appointed Luke Bergner as its new PR director. Bergner, too, started his career with modeling, so he has already made progress in an industry not familiar to him.


The Madison-based company has also revealed that it has set up a logistics branch, which would pay attention to aiding its clients in raising capital. That new branch will provide anybody seeking to build streams of passive income with a variety of carefully selected investment opportunities as well as financial planning solutions.