PPH Software Programs To Help Grow A Bookmaking Business

PPH software for bookmaking businesses.

Do you find it difficult to be in your bookmaking enterprise to manage its daily operations for some time and be elsewhere to create clients for it other times? If yes, you would have to discover ways of increasing your efficiency. Availing a pay per head (PPH) software provider’s services, is among the best means. That move will allow focusing only on discovering new clients as the software program will do the rest. Here are a few of the finest providers that you have to think about.




It has been among the highest-rated bookie software programs for five consecutive years. So, you would like to choose it. Besides its highly advanced betting menu, RealBookies also offers a mobile betting facility. That can make a difference, particularly at this time where more individuals prefer betting when on the move.


It has 2 decades of experience, so you would work with what is still one of this industry’s most revered names if you choose it. Knowing that would itself offer you a sense of peace. It charges $10 as a starting per-head fee as well as offers a 4-week-long free trial. That is ample time to have an idea about the software service.




You could come across PayPearHead247 after googling PPH software service provider reviews. As with RealBookies, this is another trusted name from the industry. It knows what gamblers and bookmakers need, allowing them to provide a full group of tools for fun, profitable, and easy online betting.


There is a one-month free trial in the PayPerHead247 service. You may look at its several features and tools during the trial period. It simplifies building your website, and allows starting to operate a bookmaking business within just a single day. You can access numerous options that are integrated into the program for up to just $10 for each user.




It has been in existence for over a decade. It is always good to have longevity in the bookmaking industry. A1PPH has survived in an industry characterized by intense competition through its quality customer service. You being a bookmaker could gain from its round-the-clock call center, helping to address player concerns on time.


You can also check the software program for 4 weeks for free of cost. It would not be compulsory for you to pay after the trial period. It starts with creating a custom site where you will lead your players. Its extensive betting options may be useful in urging bettors to be in the game as frequently as possible, but the program lacks live wagering.



This is another PPH software service provider that has been in existence for 2 decades. It provides high-quality service for $10 for each user. That seems like a bargain given the sheer number of advantages you can have.


It does well when it comes to player management, an important part of a bookmaking business. You should manage players properly and efficiently when you wish to improve your business bottom line. The software also allows users to access many different reports.

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