Nine Celebrities Who Profit From Cannabis

Celebrity Whiz Khalifa brand cannabis

Cannabis has been gradually changing our cultural viewpoints to such an extent that it appears that celebs publicly embracing it is the norm. Anyhow, that is not the case. Despite cannabis being a more mainstream substance than in the past, there are numerous people who find it difficult to understand it. That causes endorsing a cannabis derivative to be a tricky thing for any celeb who is concerned about their public image. Anyhow, there are many celebs who associated themselves with cannabis without any hesitation, including the following.


Chelsea Handler


This actor cum writer has talked about how weed, meditation, and therapy have aided her in reducing alcohol use as well as staying calmer and more present. Handler has just completed a tour for ‘Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea’, the second book from her.


Microdosing is possible now, says Handler during her Health interview. It means consuming minimal quantities per serving to avoid overdosing on THC. Every person talks about different versions of treating people. Handler also told Health that she takes a CBD gummy per night for sleep.


Last year, Handler partnered with Sweet Flower, and she curates an Evolution Kit in her name. That kit includes products from KIVA, Aster Farms, and CANN, some of which contain cannabis ingredients.


Gwyneth Paltrow


This Oscar-winning actor, too, has invested in cannabis goods, geared toward individuals who wish to have sober drinks. Paltrow partners with cannabis beverage manufacturer CANN. She believes that cannabis has to be legalized and that we are heading in the path of it becoming legal. Paltrow does not use it, but she believes that it has amazing medicinal properties and is helpful for human beings.


Seth Rogen


Writer Evan Goldberg and actor Seth Rogen formed a recreational cannabis company known as Houseplant. The company from Ontario that grows cannabis, namely Canopy Growth, partners with Houseplant. As for Rogen, Houseplant is about making high-quality goods as well as helping customers to understand marijuana on a more profound level.


Margaret Cho


This actor, fashion designer cum comedian is also a big admirer of cannabis. She once told truTV that cannabis stimulates our creativity and hunger. Cho has also designed a variety of cannabis named after herself, and it is regarded as a cut of Ocean Grown Kush. For your information, OG Kush is among the most popular and distinguished cannabis strains in the world. Cho’s product is said to be a cannabis derivative with strong, relaxing effects.


Martha Stewart


This TV personality has been associated with marijuana in more ways than one. Stewart and Snoop Dogg once made cannabis-based brownies in their cooking show episode aired on VH1 five years ago. More recently, Stewart launched a new line of cannabidiol goods made with the help of Çanopy Growth’s scientists and researchers. As with Margaret Cho, Stewart has also named the product line after her. It is designed to meet the requirements of those who are interested in cannabis, yet are unlikely to be willing to commit fully to it.




Last year, this rapper was appointed as the chief vision officer of cannabis brands Left Coast Ventures and Caliva. He joined Caliva back in 2019 as the California company’s brand strategist. That new business venture aims to redefine this industry with its mission to consolidate California’s cannabis market as well as make an impactful international company.


As its chief vision officer, Jay-Z should guide not just brand strategy but also Social Equity Ventures, a venture fund that puts money into minority and Black-owned cannabis enterprises. It is not possible to completely redeem the lack of fairness that the US federal government-led anti-drug campaign created, but we can aid in shaping an inclusive and brighter future, Jay-Z said.


Kristen Bell


This actor has been an advocate of CBD goods for quite a while now. Anyhow, it is only recently that she has launched a cannabidiol brand, in partnership with California’s CBD company Lord Jones. Bell’s product line, known as Happy Dance, comprises three forms of cannabidiol: A CBD bath bomb, coconut melt, and body butter.


Bell told Allure that she has been a Lord Jones fan for quite a while. She contacted Lord Jones after using the company’s CBD lotion. With Happy Dance, Bell wished to make a high-quality cannabidiol product line for all kinds of individuals at a starting price of $15.


Megan Rapinoe


This American soccer star joined hands with Mendi, the Portland-based cannabidiol brand created with sportspeople in mind. Megan’s sister Rachel Rapinoe is among Mendi’s co-founders. Rachel said that no other cannabidiol brand has hired an active athlete who is as popular as her sister. Megan Rapinoe wants to play a part in growing Mendi to an international cannabidiol brand, said Rachel.


With Mendi, they aim to offer athletes different and healthful products for sleep and recovery, all with natural components. There is some amount of stigma around THC for sportspeople, so Mendi offers potent CBD-based goods.


Jaleel White


Actor Jaleel White, best known for his role in the TV program entitled ‘Family Matters’, now owns a cannabis business. The brand known as itsPurpl sells different forms of cannabis goods as well as some gadgets.


The brand is specialized in purple cannabis, an item that no other brand does in the marijuana industry. Purple weed has been attracting interest from several cannabis users thanks to its scents and colors. It may be known as purple cannabis, but it is available in several different hues.