Five Best Cannabidiol Brands Of 2021

A woman holding a CBD leaf.

Several CBD brands say that they are among the finest online. Now, in what way can you find out which brands are anywhere near as good as they claim and are worth spending on? Here, we will look at five of the year’s best cannabidiol brands. We have compiled this post to aid you in purchasing cannabidiol more confidently. Considerations for our selections include laboratory testing, manufacturing practices without dangerous components’ use, farming practices, and so forth.


It is among the industry leaders and is committed to offering the best cannabidiol products available nowadays. That may be a massive claim to make, but there is some backing to it. The Chief Executive Officer cum joint-founder HempFusion, Jason Mitchell, has long been part of the wellness scene and is a hemp education leader.

Since HempFusion’s start, it has been dedicated to making a solid and organically developed line of products. Furthermore, it gives you complete transparency into its process and supply chain. When getting a CBD item, it even allows scanning a Quick Response code that will take you to the information regarding the product.

In keeping with the brand’s review criteria, HempFusion’s goods are produced in cGMP centers and tested at ISO-certified laboratories. Besides, the items go through strict quality and compliance measures that help to ensure that only the good stuff of cannabis gets into the body.

On its site, you can find its CBD tinctures, topicals for eczema as well as relief from sports-related pain, plus CBD capsules for energy, stress support, and sleep.

Ananda Hemp

The industrial hemp brand creates products with the help of Kentucky-based growers. It believes in performing at a level that serves as an example of how cannabidiol brands should work. The federally compliant cannabidiol supplier works with organic farming processes similar to HempFusion. There is no need for you to settle for low-quality cannabidiol when there are quality options from top producers.

Unlike HempFusion, which uses CO2 extraction, Ananda Hemp utilizes ethyl alcohol as a solvent to extract cannabinoid content for its products. In the event of being a cannabidiol nerd, then you might be having your own cannabinoid extraction preferences.

As with the other brands here, it has its products tested at a neutral laboratory to confirm that those are devoid of dangerous components. CBD candies, topicals and capsules are among the favorite products of its customers.


It was born due to its founder’s desire for a different way to manage her mood and stress issues. After using ashwagandha for a long period, she chose to try cannabidiol. She described it as ‘fake weed’ after testing it, only to realize later that hemp worked to make her mood better. She combined hemp-derived adaptogens to aid in her daily wellness, at the same time as learning everything possible regarding the ECS. She still consumes a tincture product known as ‘O.G’, with cannabidiol and ashwagandha, that kickstarted her brand and CBD product line.

Tonic provides many different CBD goods, including skincare items and tinctures, that are beautifully made.

Cured Nutrition

The goods of Cured Nutrition come in beautiful packaging and with more than just cannabidiol. Some describe the brand as a steward of hemp that is dedicated to making lasting change in users through the plant. As with several CBD brands, its founders are experts who sought alternative treatment options for their stress, worry and depression. 

Cannabidiol brands may not legally be required to provide third-party test documents, but quality brands offer those as their quality standards. Therefore, we would not recommend one that does not act as per the standards. Cured offers third-party laboratory-tested products grown in the state of Colorado, such as salves, tinctures, teas, gel caps, and pet products.

Verma Farms

It is a cannabidiol brand dedicated to its conscious processes of growing and cultivating hemp as well as producing CBD goods. Always tested at third-party laboratories, the CBD items are not just powerful but also playful. Do you remember enjoying those colorful and sour gummy worm products from your childhood or even adulthood? If yes, you would be glad to know that there is a version of that kind of product line at Verma Farms. Everyone likes a brand devoted to transparency, which is the case with Verma Farms as well.

What Causes A Cannabidiol Brand To Be Good

When seeking top cannabidiol brands, you should keep some factors in mind for informed decisions. Here, we will discuss some of those factors.

Premium Hemp’s Use

Those brands use DNA-verified and organically grown industrial hemp as a raw material for CBD goods. Not all brands may be open about what their products or hemp extracts contain. Therefore, you should look at their labeling or other documentation for these small terms, which you will discover in the following point.

Third-Party Laboratory Test Results Verifiable With Your Eyes

Third-party laboratory testing is a rather generic term. So, it would not be any good if that CBD product does not come with any document or paperwork to prove the same. Anyhow, if the item comes with a certificate of analysis, then you could verify whether or not a neutral laboratory has tested it.

The so-called CoA document gives customers an idea about what that CBD item contains, the quantities of each of its components, and so forth. That means it helps customers to verify whether the item has more THC than what the federal law allows, and any dangerous/toxic component or some other unwanted element.

Good Manufacturing Practices

You might be aware of ethanol or carbon dioxide solvent-based cannabinoid extraction, which is OK. However, the fact is that you should know as many details about cannabidiol or hemp as possible to allow making informed buying decisions. That requires looking into the business practices of that specific brand. In what way does it farm the industrial hemp used for its products? In what way does it turn that hemp extracts into cannabidiol oil? What form of facilities does it utilize? The best cannabidiol brands could share those details with you as there is nothing to conceal for them.